December 2022 Statement

To our customers:

Thank you so much for your support. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response this holiday season and are getting orders shipped quickly as we can.

As a small family owned business, we underestimated the volume of orders that we’d receive. We prepared to ramp up by more than doubling our staff and still cannot get orders out the door fast enough. Our entire staff feels your pain and disappointment by the delays occurring, especially during such a special time of year.

We know you’re wondering when your order will arrive:

Your order may not arrive by Christmas, though we are going to do right by every customer, to the best of our ability. Every order is being shipped, though it may be a little late. We are also committed to respond to every inquiry that has been received. There have been thousands, so we appreciate your patience  


We also know you are wondering if you were scammed:

Rest assured, our team and company is local to Tampa. We take full responsibility for every experience we’ve had an opportunity to create this holiday season.

We use a state of the art e-commerce platform called Shopify, so you can be assured that your order is being tracked by our team every single day.


We’d be honored to retain your trust and know you will be impressed by our handmade products. Thank you for your support.