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Higher Order - Drink Smoker

Armstrong White Oak Drink Smoker

Armstrong White Oak Drink Smoker

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Calling all cocktail enthusiasts! Welcome to the future of drinking cocktails. With our professionally handcrafted wooden cocktail smokers you can now take the classic cocktails we all know and love and revolutionize them.

What is a Cocktail Smoker? Cocktail Smokers Are incredible devices that allow a user to infuse the taste of their favorite cocktail with the bold, sweet, savory, and toasted flavors that we have to offer in our wood blends. Simply put it on top of your glass, fill the top with your favorite wood blend, and using a torch, smoke your wood blend and watch how it revolutionizes your drinking experience.

The Armstrong cocktail smoker was influenced by great American trumpeter Louis Armstrong. Just like he was able to captivate the nation with his trumpet you will be able to captivate a crowd with your very own Armstrong Drink Smoker.

Flavor Profile: While smoking with White Oak wood you will notice a slightly sweet vanilla-tinged flavor. 80% of our flavor profile comes from the specific wood blend that you would chose while the Smokers themselves, being made from hardwood, offer the additional 20% of the flavor profile

Great for parties and social events, Mixology at restaurants and bars, and Wonderful gifts for the holidays for the people who influence you the most.

Included with our Drink smoker: 1 Armstrong Smoker, 1 six ounce White Oak Wood Blend, 3 replacement screens.

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